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Quyet Tien Market

Quyet Tien, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang

Quyet Tien Market (Chợ Quyết Tiến) - On the right side of road in the Ha Giang Loop. The market is located in Quyet Tien commune, Quan Ban district, 38 km away from Ha Giang city. 

Every week on Friday, locals (Tay, Giao, H'mong ethnics) with new traditional dresses gather to sell produce.

You should sample five-color steamed glutinous rice for breakfast (Xoi ngu sac) or any dishes you feel comfortable. If it is cold, a couple of corn wine shots would warm you up. You can 2 bottles each 500mL with you to drink during the trip. Take a walk around the market you would see brocade fabrics, it is good time to shop handmade textiles and tassels for your adventure. 

Take photos you will dig more into how locals and other vendors trade and enjoy life. 

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  • Get a ticket to secure your bike in parking lot, they will look after your bike. 
  • The market is one hour ride/drive from Ha Giang city

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  • Quyet Tien, Quan Ba district, Ha Giang