Hai Hoa beach is about 3 km from the Cong town, it measures 2 km long, stretching out until it reaches a mountain in the South. It is more and peaceful and quiet than Sam Son beach and even during holiday season, it's not too crowded, but you may find Bai Dong beach (30 km away) is better and cleaner.

This beach attracts a lot of Hanoian in summer for because it is less crowded and as good as other beaches in Thanh Hoa's coastline. Seasfood is also cheaper. If you pass by during your motorbike trip in summer, give this place a try for a short break.

There is a fishing village nearby so you will observe their daily life (the fishermen in their boats, locals sell their morning's catch) when you come here.  

Best time to visit the Hai Hoa beach is from late April to September like almost beaches in the North and central Vietnam. 

 How to get to Hai Hoa beach

From Hanoi, you take bus at (My Dinh, Giap Bat or Ben Nuoc Ngam Bus station), tell the driver to drop you off at the post office in Cong town, then take taxi to your hotel.

There is an alternative route where you get off at the traffic stop light, and then take a taxi to the beach (about 2.8 km, the ride costs about 30k - 40k)

  Hanoi - Nghi Son (Duration: 4 hours)

Bus operator Bus Station Departure time Contacts
Doan Thuy Giap Bat 13:00   0913311419
Thanh Huy       0912276805
Bích Thục Giap Bat 10:00, 11:00   0988728084
Lý Thảo  My Dinh

09:15, 13:25,


Hương Dương       0977915079

From Hai Hoa beach you can take Khánh Hằng's Bus run a direct route to Hanoi (  0983340338)


A sandy beach nearly two km long

 Food and drink: seafood (it is always fresh), coconut water (unlike coconuts in the South Vienam which is sweat and great, the coconut water in central Vietnam taste a bit sour though they are fresh, it is good with some suger)

Leasure time

Visiting Water Fun park if you bring your chidlren, treking 2 km to a near by cliff.

  Warning:  Neither are there rescue tower on beach or lifeguarded beach, beach goers are on their own. If you don't know the rip currents, don't swim too far and stick to the crowd. 

 Hotels near Hai Hoa beach

Price range: 300k - 1000k for a decent room, such as Xanh Hà ACB, Queen Hotel, Cao Nguyen, Victoria Hotel. If you don't like staying near the beach, in the town center Hai An Hotel is a good pick - plus for their services massage and karaoke. 


Business Info
  • Hai Hoa commune, Tinh Gia district, Thanh Hoa